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Perhaps two decades ago, Best Certified Translation Office s were not something that all humans might need. Nowadays, translation has become a part of our daily life. Perhaps you need to translate what is written on this food package, or perhaps you want to watch a Mexican movie, for example, and look for the translated text from it.

Also, there is a possibility that you are an immigrant and you want a translation of your official papers. We saw translation becomes part of our day, starting from the simplest things to the most complex ones. We –Active– provide you with Certified translation in all these fields, whether it is the translation of films and videos, translation of official documents, or even simultaneous translation.

What does it mean that there is an office that provides certified translation?

A certified translation is any translation issued by an accredited translation office, or an accredited translator of a document or texts whether it is informal or official, directed to an official authority in the same country or another country. What happens here is that it transfers the document from one language to another with a complete transfer of the meaning and the structure contained in the original text. You will not find a better one than us who does this. We are active in translation.

How do you know that this translation is certified?

Documents that are translated by certified translation have several signs proving that they are certified. You should pay attention to them. Among the most important of these characteristics are:

  1.  The logo of the office that provides certified translation services.
  2. The signature of the translator who did the translation.
  3. The date on which the translation was completed.
  4. An acknowledgment from the translator or the translation office, or both, that the translated text is identical to the original text.

What are the places where you must submit a Best Certified Translation Office?

What are the places where you must submit a Best Certified Translation Office

There are specific places where you have to provide them with documents translated from accredited translation offices, as they do not accept others. Most of the places that request certified translation are governmental or official agencies, such as:

  • Ministries.
  • Embassies and consulates.
  • courts.
  • Documentation bodies.
  • universities.
  • banks.
  • business offices.
  • international companies.

What are the approved types of translation?

Reliable Certified Translation

The certified translation has many types and forms that you can benefit from. And all of them are provided by Active Office for certified legal translation. Among these types:

1- Interpretation:

There are types of oral translation, including simultaneous translation. Simultaneous interpretation is the kind that you usually find in large political meetings and meetings of the United Nations. It is in which you find the translator a little later than the person he is translating to, but this slight delay does not make a difference.

The second type is the consecutive translation that you find in interviews and press conferences. It is the one in which you find that the translator waits until the speaker finishes his speech, then begins the translation, and it is in coordination between the translator and the speaker.

The third and last type is remote simultaneous interpretation. It is that the translation takes place using the phone in a voice or video call. All these types are offered to you by the best-accredited translation company, Active for certified translation.

2- Medical translation:

It is the translation of healthcare papers, medical and pharmaceutical products, and biotechnology materials. Medical translation is a very broad term that covers a wide range of specialized fields and materials – everything from patient information to regulatory, marketing, and technical documents. As a result, this type of translation has many potential subcategories – for example translation of medical devices and translation of clinical trials. And if you need to translate any kind of these papers and documents, contact us. We are the best-certified translation office in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

3- Legal translation:

Legal translation is the translation of documents related to law and legal procedures. Legal translation has a special character because legal texts require translators with a legal background. Because if the translator does not have a legal background, this will hinder him from understanding legal concepts or writing in a legal style. Or even understand the differences between legal systems and the best ways to translate those concepts.

And we need all of this to produce legal translations of professional quality, and this is what we offer, we are the best-certified translation office. Examples of legal papers are contracts, legal reports, court rulings, expert opinions, and legislation. I do not think it is wise to have these important papers translated by any unaccredited translator.

4- Software translation

Translating programs from one language to another, or from one culture to another. The goal of software translation is not just to make software available in other languages. It’s also about ensuring that the user experience with these languages is as natural and efficient as possible. Translating user interface, messaging, documentation, etc. is a major part of the software translation.

Also important is the process of scrutiny and good research to ensure that everything conforms to the conventions, standards, and expectations of the target culture. Adjusting the time, date, and currency formats are examples of simple customizations. Others may involve translating symbols, graphics, colors, and even concepts and ideas.

Localization often precedes the review process to ensure that the program is optimally designed to deal with any other language or culture. This is often followed by thorough testing—to ensure that all text is in the right place and space, that everything makes sense, works as intended, and is appropriate for the culture it’s intended for.

As you have seen, software translation is a specialized type of translation, and you should always hire a certified translation office to do it. This is because they will have translators and experts to produce high-quality results for the program you want to translate.

What are the agencies that require certified translation?

You can find many entities that need an accredited translation, and these are:

1- Governmental Bodies:

The first thing that comes to your mind is certainly government agencies when talking about agencies that require certified translation. But what do you need? You need certified translation services for documents.

Reports and statistics issued by government agencies, such as internal reports and statistics that we provide to external parties, such as international organizations and international conferences. These bodies are like:

  • Ministries.
  • Embassies and consulates.
  • courts.
  • Documentation bodies.
  • universities.
  • banks.
  • business offices.

2- Non-governmental organizations:

Many non-governmental bodies require translated papers from certified translation offices, such as companies and institutions. This is not, the nature of their work requires dealing with papers, documents, and official documents, which require high accuracy, excellent quality, and an error rate of zero.

3- Ordinary people | Best Certified Translation Office:

3- Ordinary people  Best Certified Translation Office

Contrary to what is expected, ordinary people are the most learned groups from an interpretation office. This is because they need it for many purposes, such as:

  • Applying for immigration
  • Studying abroad
  • Obtaining a travel visa
  • Documentation of educational certificates
  • Documenting the marriage contract
  • Documenting a divorce or death contract
  • Translation of commandments
  • CV translation

In the end, we hope that this article has won your admiration. And if you need an accredited translation office, we are the best-accredited office you can turn to because of our distinguished services, high quality, and speed of delivery. So contact us right now.


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