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We cover different domains such as legal translations and wills translations but also Document Translation, Technical Translation, Website Translation, Software Localization, Manual Translation, Certified Translation, Multimedia Localization, Voice-Over Services, Subtitling & Dubbing, Multilingual DTP, Linguistic Validation, Proofreading & Editing, Interpreting Services, Transcription Services and even more than these. As we are one of the best and reliable companies for legal translation Dubai, you can contact us anytime you need one of these services and our team members will do their best to accommodate you. Chances are that once you are working with us, you will not be working with anyone else. As we are one of the leading translation companies in Dubai, we make the priorities of our clients our priorities so you don’t have to worry about the quality of our services. We also make sure to respect your deadlines so you will be able to rely on us for even those short notices you might need to cover.


Overcome the Language Barrier with Multilingual Translation Services



As the administrative language of United Arab Emirates government is Arabic, so any document you need to submit or process through any governmental authority in UAE requires legal translation from its original language to Arabic, provided that the translation should be done by legal translator certified by UAE Ministry of Justice.

It depends on the type of each document.
1 to 8 pages = same day
8-15 page = next day
Above 15 pages depends on the urgency and agreement

When something official, formal or legal has been documented in one language, but it needs to be understood in another language, a certified or official translation is needed. This gives the requesting organisation confidence and security that the translation is accurate.
The language of business and law is different than the language spoken by most people on the street. Documents are rife with specific terms, each with a clear and distinct meaning, and a simple change in a word’s context could have disastrous results. When these words are translated from language to language, it is important to know the unique legal language of the target country and jurisdiction. This becomes even more critical when dealing with patents and specialized fields.