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Legal Translation:

Legal translation refers to the translation of language used in legal documents, legal settings, and lawful purposes. Legal translation is just like any other type of translation task, which is the replacement of the source language with the target language.

Today, legal translation has become very significant because several people or foreigners living in another country need legal translation services because they face difficulty understanding their native language. Therefore, legal translation helps them in many ways, such as getting their visas and passports translated or their marriage or birth certificates translated, and some other documents.

Legal translation services have become a helpful thing now, especially for foreigners. Some documents require immediate translation. Therefore, professional and certified legal translators or legal translation companies should do an authentic and relevant legal translation.

Getting legal translation services in Dubai for anyone is difficult because many legal translation companies in Dubai provide professional and relevant legal translation services.

Legal Translator:

A legal translator is the one who translates the legal documents and papers from one language to another. The professional legal translator has a command over different languages and knows different tones and terminologies. Therefore, the job of the legal translator is a bit tricky, as the legal documents require accurate legal translation of the documents. Hence, most companies or people go for certified and professional legal translators. The job of legal translators is significant yet crucial.

Several documents need legal translation, and they are:

  • Death and birth certificates.
  • Contracts
  • Court and witness transcripts
  • Depositions
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Wills and trusts
  • Complaints
  • Policies
  • Legal Statements
  • Licenses
  • Litigation documentation
  • Arbitration translation
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Business agreements and deals
  • Case reports
  • Marriage certificate
  • Articles and Memorandum
  • Degree certificates
  • Property documents
  • Passport and visa
  • Conference interpretation and translation.
  • Academic transcript and translation.

Importance of Legal Translation:

The importance of legal translation cannot be denied, especially in today’s world. Legalese’ is almost like a completely different language requiring a legally trained person to understand it. The same is the case with legal translators. They must know the country’s laws because a word-for-word translation may not accurately represent the original text’s meaning. Legal translators must understand the legal implications of the documents that are getting translated. Legal translation provides several benefits, which we could sum up as:

  • Legal Translation of Important Documents:

The most important use of legal translation is that the critical knowledge or information gets translated into the original text for the client or the reader of the target language.

  • Saves from Legal Consequences:

The legal translation of the documents should be accurate. Otherwise, it can lead to legal consequences.

  • Update Old Legal Documents:

Legal translation also plays a vital role for those documents which were translated a long time ago and required to be updated.

  • Regulates the Legal Relationships

Legal translation plays a significant role in the regulation of legal relationships.

  • Translation of Certificates, Wills, and License:

One of the most prominent importance of legal translation is that it helps in translating all the essential certificates, wills, licenses, contracts, business agreements, and many other documents.

  • Helps in Understanding the Laws and Regulations:

Legal translation is essential for foreigners because it makes it easy for them to understand the local rules and regulations. It helps them understand the law, management, and rules of the foreigner’s country.

There are many other avenues for which legal translation is essential, but these factors sum up the importance of Legal translation or legal translation companies.

Tips for Best Legal Translation:

We can sum up some tips and techniques for accurate and good legal translation as:

  • Having a complete understanding and knowledge of the language, the translator will be translating.
  • Always keep the cultural difference in mind.
  • The legal translator should have command on the usage of style, tone, and rules of translating.
  • Should have a vast knowledge and grip on proper terminologies.
  • The legal translator should be polite and patient enough to handle the clients.
  • Use accurate and authentic language structure.

Types of Legal Translation:

There are four main types of legal translation, and they are:

  • Contract Translation: One of the main types of legal translation is contract translation, which means getting all necessary legally translated. Most of the contract translation gets done by certified and professional legal translation companies. Legal Market Research: Another type of legal translation is market research. It’s important because every market and business has different laws and rules, both foreign and local.
  • Intellectual Property Translations: Intellectual property translations get needed in the designing and translation of technologies and products. This type of translation is essential to have the legal rights of your brand or product.
  • Terms and Conditions: The last type is terms and conditions, which means terms and conditions get applied to consumers, organizations, and businesses. The consumers dealing with the brand need to have access to all the terms and conditions related to the legal translation services, general business products, and policies.

Legal translation, which has become very significant today, also comes with many hurdles and difficulties. But, if you choose the right and professional legal translators or legal translation company, then you are in good hands.

Active Translation Services:

Suppose you are looking for reliable and professional legal translation services in Dubai. In that case, Active Translation Services is the best and well-known translation company in Dubai, providing the best legal translation in Dubai. They deliver certified and prominent translators in Dubai, having a legal translation office in Dubai. Active Translation Services provides accurate translations of your documents with a unique set of quality control methods along with a team of experienced and professional people.

Active Translation Services provide multiple translation services, as:

  • We offer the best and certified legal translation services in Dubai.
  • We provide the will and document translation Dubai.
  • We also offer Video translation and subtitles services.

Active Translation Services translates a considerable number of documents, such as we translate:

  • Academic transcript and translation
  • Birth certificate
  • Business legal translation
  • Certificates legal translation
  • Case reports
  • Wills translation Dubai
  • Degree certificates
  • Conference interpretation
  • Contracts and agreements translation

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