Top Translation tools for Companies in Dubai 2024

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Top Translation tools for companies in Dubai 2024

You’re a freelance translator, a professional translator working in a company that provides Translation Tools , or an LSP, the chances are you need some essential tools for your translation software. There are several translation tools, but the following list contains some of the most important ones used in 2020. These would save Translation Companies in Dubai time and help out in the already tedious task of doing long translations.

Translation Tools | Memory and Glossary

Translation memory is a database that stores fragments of sentences, phrases, or parts of texts that have been translated before. They are stored as TUs, or translation units, where the original text is ‘source’ and the translated version is the ‘target.’ While this is stored as ‘memory,’ there is also a list of approved segments of translations for specific texts. These make your life easier by not having to through every line and phrase. If legal translation services use the following software, they are probably aware of this tool; if not, they’re living under a rock!

Trados Workbench, MateCat, DéjàVuX, SDLX, Smartcat, Star Transit, MultiTrans, Similis, MetaTexi all let its users access translation memories during their projects.

Terminology System

If you’ve done any translation, you would need this particular tool. It gives you access to a searchable database that lists approved terms and rules regarding their usage.

SDL MultiTerm, LogiTerm, and Termex all offer this feature.

Quality Assurance 

A quality assurance tracker has an eye for detail and automatically detects and notify you about any errors, from spelling and grammar mistakes to simple copy-and-paste issues like double spaces or formatting issues.

Look for an integrated spellchecker to eliminate the need to proofread so that you can focus on the human translation component.

File Translation Tools

The best professional translation software programs you’ll find will include tools for file translation. If you come across a translation system without these, stay away.

What’s more, ideally, the application won’t only translate files, but it will decode multiple files simultaneously with speed (batch file translation).

Automatic File Formatting

If you plan on translating digital files, you want to search for a system that will automatically format much of your files for you. It is tiring and frankly wasteful to spend hours doing something that this tool can do quickly and easily. Look for an integrated software with this feature for a smoother running.

Translation Tools – Editing

Your top translation software option should include the ability to edit translations. Your translations are always incomplete if you haven’t gone over them with a fine-toothed comb. Weeding out any mistakes in contextual translations and phrases is the human part of the job, and it couldn’t be any more manageable if you’re using this tool.

Translation Tools | Collaboration and Tracking

There are a few instances in which a single person is completing a request for a translation project. It is vital to have software that supports team collaboration.

It’s crucial to track the translations that your colleagues contribute to a translation project with collaborations achieved. You can check the progress and edits through the translation tracking tool.

Live Human Support

Any new service would need a little getting used to before you can run it seamlessly. It’s essential to have a dedicated human support option as a backup while learning to work with the new feature. Live human support can quickly and efficiently understand, solve, and guide you through your problems.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Any software you’re about to purchase must have strong lines to define what they do to protect your privacy. If you work in a classified field, you need to go through the Terms and Services and look for anything that might cause trouble later on. If you’re not satisfied with their claims and feel like you will be at risk of exposure, chances are you’re correct. With the surveillance rate chilling as it is, you don’t want to take any chances with undisclosed wills translation or leaking legal translations. Look for another software, one that respects your privacy and doesn’t snoop where it shouldn’t.

What’s Translation tool Best for You?

As always, a single tool wouldn’t get anything of importance done. Translation Companies in Dubai must look for an integrated software that offers most of these tools at a price that doesn’t drain your wallet. The fewer tools you use, the better. But some of these would make your life so much easier than it was before. Choose some and make sure they fulfill all the obligations you have as a legal translation service in Dubai. For example, if you’re a freelancer, you probably don’t need the Translation Collaboration device as much as you need the Translation Memory device. Adjust your tools to your needs, and there is plenty of software to help you out with whatever combination of tools you choose.



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