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The five most common types of translation services we see are:

We’ve explained all of these in more detail below, so you can better understand what they are.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, more and more companies request location services for their websites, applications or video games. Without a doubt, localization is a rapidly expanding sector of the translation industry. Traditional translation services, on the other hand, are always in high demand.

1. Technical translation services

Technical translation services are a niche area in the translation industry that has been rising as more companies go global. Translators in this area must be subject matter experts (SMEs) with deep technical training and knowledge of the complex terms used.

Technical translation refers to the translation of instruction booklets, user manuals, financial reports, internal notes, administrative terms, etc. These documents are intended for a particular audience. However, technical translation also refers to “technical” documentation for IT, electronics, engineering, industrial texts, or general mechanics in the broadest sense. This type of translation requires knowledge of specialized industry terms with which translation services companies are familiar.

The work of a technical translator is greatly assisted these days with the use of various CAT tools and glossaries, and translation memories that can store specific terminology and high-frequency words. However, it still requires in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Technical translation services often involve translating product instructions, user manuals, industry texts, software chains, patents, technical journals, and the like. They can also apply very long texts that are aimed at a smaller audience.

Technical translation is not for everyone. You may earn a higher salary by taking advantage of this niche, but make sure you can handle long and complex texts.

In this case, we usually talk about translating technical content for companies such as:

Engineering documents


User Guides

Technical training

2. Legal translation services

Legal translation services in Dubai are still in high demand, as both companies and individuals must comply with local laws when moving or doing business in a foreign country. Legal translation is among the highest paying translation niches, as it requires the translator to have a thorough understanding of the legal system in both countries and languages. Often, legal translators will also need a recognized legal qualification.

Just a tiny mistake in legal documents can lead to significant problems and even change a trial or court hearing outcome. Therefore, legal translation services require 100% accuracy, and translators must be extremely diligent in their work.

The qualifications you need to enter this niche will depend on where you live and the different legal bodies out there. However, generally, they must be registered with local legal entities.

If you are looking for legal translation services to translate various documents, from immigration documents and legal certifications to licenses, contracts and real estate titles, be sure to get in touch. We provide experienced translators in your area who can provide you with the high quality, confidentiality and professionalism you need.

3. Literary translation

As the name Literary Translation may suggest, this type is all about translating literary works such as stories, poems, plays, etc.

This type of translation services Dubai is often considered the most difficult or the most comprehensive, as the translator needs to understand the correct meaning of the words and the context, sound, and sentiment behind the words.

With this, we are also talking about knowing the culture of both languages well enough to translate any humour, emotion and any similar elements of a work.

As you can imagine, this requires extensive knowledge and experience. Also, it can be difficult even then, as in some cases, there are no proper translations. For example, in poetry, when the rhyme of words or puns is used for other puns, it often does not work in the target language.

4. Financial translation service

Financial translation services refer to the translation of documents related to the financial industry, including banks and stock exchanges. Documents can range from annual reports or financial statements to financial packages and contracts.

5. Professional translation

The next type of translation is professional translation. Any translation that is used for professional purposes, we would generally fall into this category.

Some common examples would be a medical translation or a legal translation.

In this case, the main goal is usually to translate all the information as accurately as possible. Unlike a literary translation, the documents do not have puns, such as puns or rhymes, making it easier for the translator.

However, accuracy is crucial for any professional translation, especially for industries where the consequences of inaccuracies could be enormous, such as medical or legal with medical translation and legal translation.

Like those mentioned above, more complex industries will often also require a specialist to ensure accuracy. Of course, this depends on the topic, but the more complex the source language, the more educated the translator.

This is especially the case if a lot of business jargon is used or a certified translation is required.

These documents will generally need technical translation services because the translator must have a good understanding of the subject to ensure that he can tell the user what he should do accurately.

Not only this, but they also need to understand the formatting requirements, and sometimes the images need to be changed so that they can be understood in the target language.

If you need any translation, it is also critical that you choose a company or transcriptionist who is comfortable with and has experience in your particular industry.

The content of a translation is usually quite complicated, so if your company ever needs to translate some documents like those mentioned above, this is the type of translation you are looking for.


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