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Discover the Best Certified Translation Online for Accurate Services

Many people are looking for Best Certified Translation Online agencies , so what are the best-accredited translation agencies online? Why is the office an active office for online translation services in particular? What types of translations are there now? What documents can it translate for you? We will learn about that and more in this article.
At the top of the list of the best Accurate Online Translation Services in the United Arab Emirates is the Active Services Office for accredited translation services online because it considers Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it aims to provide accurate and certified translations in the shortest possible time and at competitive prices.

Best Certified Translation Online

Legal translation in Dubai

When you need to choose a translation service provider, what exactly do you look for? Are they testimonials, customer reviews, or what? What if the legal translation office has all the certifications listed on its website, but the actual translations they provide do not meet industry-accepted standards?

Of course, some factors help differentiate between those who claim to be certified professionals and those who are. Customer reviews are one of the most important things you should look out for. We serve the world’s leading law firms in the UAE and our translators are certified by the official authorities.

Also, we employ local translators in our team to ensure quality and accuracy, if you need an accurate translation service provider in the UAE, we are the most reliable language service provider.
We manage every Accurate Online Translation Services and projects very carefully, and we rely on professional project managers to make sure you don’t waste a single minute of your time, you can entrust your legal documents to us and you will be our customer for life.
We offer our services at affordable prices.

We believe reasonable prices are important to the delivery equation
Providing reliable services, in the Office of Active Translation services and accredited translation online. We know deadlines are critical, which is why we stick to every deadline without compromising on quality.
We also provide Accurate Online Translation Services in more than fifty languages including, but not limited to, the following:

  • English language
  • Arabic
  • French language
  • German language
  • Italian Language
  • Chinese Language
  • Japanese language
  • Indian language
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • the Russian language
  • Dutch and other languages

How can I be sure that this office provides Best Certified Translation Online?

How can I be sure that this office provides Best Certified Translation Online

If you want to do business with an online certified translation company. You must first make sure that you meet the above conditions before attempting to do business online with an online-certified translation office.

We do not recommend dealing with an online translation company for the first time that has no history, location, or practical experience in the field of translation. Before sending your important documents to unknown companies, you’d better pay attention and ask the online translation company clearly;

An accredited online office must meet the following criteria in particular – Accurate Online Translation Services

  1. Certified translation of all types of official and unofficial certificates and documents.
  2. Due to the sensitivity and importance it represents, there are translators with a legal background who specialize in legal Accurate Online Translation Services.
  3. Linguistic diversity of translations in more than 30 languages around the world.
  4. Expert translation project managers and quality auditors.
  5. Accreditation from official government agencies, embassies, ministries, and agencies, and accreditation from private institutions.
  6. Free trial translation to check translation quality.

Learn about the services provided by Active Office, an online certified translation office

How are online certified translation services priced? | Accurate Online Translation Services

  1. The most accurate measure of how a certified translation agency determines the appropriate price for a translation is word count since a page with 200 to 250 words is the page size. Since there are pages in small print, one page equals about four pages, which is unfair if priced by the number of pages.
  2. In addition to the difficulty of the text, specialization, and delivery time, rush projects cost more.
  3. The languages from which to translate, except for English, German, French, and Chinese, are usually more expensive. The price is higher.
  4. Types of Accurate Online Translation Services, such as interpretation, need to know the time, and some notations are subject to the quality and timing of the text, and there are sign language interpreters, and there are other considerations.
  5. Proz has a price list for translations from English into different languages. For example, the official price of the word from English to Arabic is 0.10 USD and the lowest price is 0.08 USD. As for the hourly wage, the official rate is $31.76.

You will find our best competitive prices in addition to the offers and discounts that we offer. Contact us now

Some types of translation provided by Active Office for certified translation services online

Active Certified Legal Translation Office offers 3 types of accredited translation services online, but let me first explain to you the meaning of a translation.

Translation, my dear, is about converting the text from the language used in it to the language you want or target without prejudice to the meaning of the main text. The types of translation are:

  1. Ordinary translation: This type is submitted in any electronic or printed format on paper and is submitted to persons or companies.
  2. Legal translation: Legal translation is used with official documents or legal documents that are submitted to official and government agencies, such as certificates – court cases – immigration papers…etc.
  3. The most important of all of these types is a certified translation or notarized translation: certified or notarized translation is considered a legal translation according to the difference that it is submitted to other parties such as companies and so on.

What factors determine the translation price? | Best Certified Translation Online

What factors determine the translation price  Best Certified Translation Online

We at Active offer you the best certified online translation service, the most important factors that affect the price of translation, and now that you have started working as a freelance translator or in a certified translation office

Now that you know the market prices around you and the prices of accredited translation offices that provide accredited translation services online in your country. Now there remains a very important matter, which is the factors that affect from time to time the price of translation, up and down, as follows:

  • The time it takes to get the job done, as the work may involve long hours, night shifts, or weekends, all of which require working unusual hours that add to the translator’s rate.
  • Pricing for certified translation agencies or certified legal translators is more expensive because a person or company needs a large amount of money to become a certified translator.
  • Deal with direct clients or third parties who influence translation prices. In this case, the price of the translator should increase by 30%. So the client may pay 50% to 100% of what the translator charges to this broker.
  • The difficulty of the text, the more professional the text, the fewer translators, which means that the price of professional translators should be higher than that of other translators.
  • The translation price varies according to the required task. Only translation jobs differ from other jobs that require written texts. That is, working on a non-electronic copy and then doing the translation in this case is more desirable than billing by the hour.

Note: Search in different languages for an acceptable price, word count, and page count according to what the same market follows.


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