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Find the Best Certified Translation Center for Professional Services

We cannot deny that the UAE, over the past few years, has become a source of attraction for tourists from all over the world, but also for those who come from their country to stay and work there. And although the UAE is an oil country, the human attraction factor as tourists or residents is one of the most important sources of income in the Emirates. And because of this huge number of people of different nationalities, the need for a Best Certified Translation Center that can be trusted is increasing. We are active, a Certified Translation Services that provides all translation services, a place you can rely on.

What is the role of translation in our lives?

Top Translation Center - Best Certified Translation Center

Although translation has become an essential part of our day. However, some people cannot see the great impact that translation has on our current world, so let me explain to you what its importance is in some aspects of life. Perhaps, after this clarification, you will consider the translation provided by the Certified Translation Services as not only bad but important.

  • Use of Certified Translation Services in international trade

International trade is one of the most global activities in which interdependence increases between peoples, and it is one of the most important activities that take place between different countries. This requires the existence of many documents,  and papers that regulate that trade and clarify the applicable controls and laws that would regulate it. Translation also contributes to the development of marketing plans, budgets, feasibility studies, and account balances, and this helps to achieve transparency between companies, and this matter is something whose importance in international trade cannot be denied.

  • How can a certified translation center be used for legal documents?

Legal documents reflect many conditions of people and regulate many of their lives. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on a certified translation center to ensure transparency, credibility, and non-manipulation during the translation of these documents.

  • What is the role of a certified translation center in the immigration process?

Immigration requires a lot of official papers and documents from the country that holds its nationality to the country to which it wishes to immigrate. This is because these papers and official documents serve as a comprehensive definition of everything that concerns you. Such as your date of birth, qualification, criminal status, marital status… and other papers.

Hence the importance of translating these documents and documents from any certified translation center guarantees you that the translated text that you obtained is identical to the official document, which is certainly a very important matter.

Translation types – Best Certified Translation Center

Did you know that translation is a deep sea, and you should be careful when diving into it because translation has many and varied types? And if you happen to decide to search for types of translation, you will not find a single answer to this question, so let me evaluate these types into four categories:

1- Types of translation based on the technical field, which include:

  • General translation.
  • Technical translation
  • Scientific translation
  • Medical translation
  • Financial translation
  • Legal translation
  • Economic translation
  • Patent translation
  • literal translation
  • Commercial translation
  • Administrative translation
  • Marketing translation

2- Types of translation based on the final product or the use of translation and their intentions:

  • Document translation
  • Text translation
  • Certified translation
  • Official translation
  • Software translation
  • Translating games
  • Multimedia translation
  • Translating scenarios
  • Dubbing and transliteration
  • Translating videos
  • Website translation
  • Translation using graphic design

3- Types of translation that depend on the method of translation used

  • Machine translation
  • Machine translation in addition to human editing
  • Human translation
  • Human translation and human revision
  • Computer-aided human translation
  • Translate word for word
  • literal translation
  • Transcript
  • Semantic translation
  • Free translation
  • Idiomatic translation

4- Types of translation based on the translation technique used

  • Allegorical translation
  • Translation by writing copies of the original text in the letters of another language
  • Substitutional translation
  • Translate word for word
  • Translation with changing spelling rules
  • Inclusive translation
  • Translation by paraphrase

What are Certified Translation Services provided by a certified translation center?

Active is one of the most important and largest Certified Translation Services in the UAE in general and in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular. Where the center provides all kinds of translation with high quality, and this is due to our distinguished team, and these services include:

  • Translation for most languages of the world
  • Best business translation in Dubai
  • The best marketing translation in Dubai
  • Best financial translation in Dubai
  • The best medical translation in Dubai
  • Advertisement translation
  • Website translation
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Localization services

Simultaneous Certified Translation Services are provided by Active, a certified translation center in the Emirates.

The stages of certified translation in a certified translation center

The stages of certified translation in a certified translation center

What appears to the eye is that the translation is a simple thing, just handing over the file and then receiving the file as a translator. I don’t know that translation has many stages. So let me answer your question, what are the translation steps?

1- Receipt and preparation stage

At this stage, we agree with the clients on all the required details about the document to be translated. An agreement is reached on the delivery date, the page translation price in Saudi riyals, the total cost, the method of payment, and other procedural details that govern the relationship between the client and the office.

Contact us now and ask about our Certified Translation Services

2- The initial translation stage | Certified Translation Services

It is the stage that comes after the procedural agreement. It is the stage of assigning the document to be translated to one of the specialized translators who possess great skill and experience in the field of translation from the language of the original document to the language to which the translation is required. This is so that he works with his assistant team to translate the document most professionally.

3- The stage of review and audit | Certified Translation Services

Best Certified Translation Center

The stage of reviewing the translated document. It is one of the most important stages of The process of translating documents. Whereas, at this stage, the original text is reviewed and compared with the text that was translated, and then all terms, phrases, and paragraphs between each of the two documents are verified. All of this is done by a team of specialized translators with the most experience in translation. This is to ensure that the document is free from any errors or inaccurate terms.

4- The stage of editing and final review | Certified Translation Services

The stage of editing and final revision requires the greatest degree of accuracy in the approved translation of the document. Because at this stage, the translated document is reviewed in all respects, such as linguistics, spelling, and terminology, and certainly making sure that the correct terms are used in their correct place. This is the last stage of the review stages.

5- Accreditation stage | Certified Translation Services

Now we have reached the final stage of document translation, certified translation, which is the accreditation stage. Here is where the document is edited and written in the required scientific form. And the signature of the translator and the accredited translation center and acknowledgment of the validity of the translation and ensuring that it matches the original language, and of course attaching the original document to it and then handing it over to the client. And because we are distinguished, he does not need to authenticate the document from the official authority in the country in preparation for submitting it to the required authority, because we do this on behalf of the client.


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