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You may need to translate documents from German to English or vice versa. Whatever your reasons, choosing reputable and accredited German translation offices is important to ensure that your documents are translated accurately and correctly.

Several accredited German translation offices in the UAE can provide high-quality translations for various documents, including academic transcripts, legal documents, and business correspondence.

So if you’re looking for accredited German translation offices in the UAE, call us now!

What to look for in accredited German translation offices

When looking for accredited German translation offices, there are several factors you should take into account to ensure you are getting high-quality, professional services. Here are a few things to look for:

First, check whether the company is a member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) or the European Union of Association of Translation Companies (EUATC). These are both professional organizations that set high standards for their members.

Second, take a look at the company’s website. Does it look professional? Are the translations of high quality? You can also request samples of previous work to understand the company’s quality better.

Third, check to see if the company has any accreditations or awards, which indicates that its peers hold the company in high regard.


When choosing a German translation office, it would be best to look for many things. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  •  The office should have experience translating German documents.
  •  The office can provide a quotation for your project.
  •  The office should have a team of professional translators.
  •  The office should have a good reputation.

The benefits of working with an accredited translation offices

There are many benefits to working with an accredited translation office, such as quality assurance, faster turnaround times, and access to a network of certified translators.

An accredited translation office adheres to quality standards set by the industry’s leading organizations. This means you can be confident in the accuracy and quality of the translations you receive. In addition, accredited translation offices have access to the latest technology and tools, which helps to ensure that your translations are of the highest quality.

Another benefit of working with accredited translation offices is that they typically have a faster turnaround time than other translation providers. They have a network of certified translators who can work on your project quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, accredited translation offices have a network of certified translators they can rely on for future projects. 

Why choose an accredited translation office?

There are many reasons to choose accredited translation offices. There are many benefits to working with an accredited translation office. Here are just a few:

  •  You can be confident in the quality of the translations you receive.
  •  You can be assured that the translation office has met all the standards for quality and professionalism.
  •  You can be sure that your translation office is reputable and trustworthy.

At an accredited translation office, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality product. The translators at an accredited office have all undergone rigorous training and are experts in their field. They’re also held to the highest quality standards, so you can be confident that your translation is accurate and error-free.

In addition to quality, you’ll also get expert advice and customer service at an accredited translation office. The staff at an accredited office is knowledgeable about the translation process and can help you choose the right services for your needs. They’re also available to answer any questions, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible service.

The characteristics of the accredited German translator

When translating a text from German to another language, it is important to work with a translator accredited by the German government. This ensures that the translator has the necessary skills and knowledge to translate accurately.

An accredited German translator will deeply understand the German language, including its grammar, vocabulary, and idioms. They will also be familiar with the culture and customs of Germany, which can be important when translating idiomatic expressions. In addition, accredited translators must demonstrate their proficiency in German and the target language.

Types of visas provided by the German embassy

If you need an accurate translation of a German document, work with an accredited German translator. This will ensure that you receive a high-quality translation that accurately captures the original text’s meaning.

Travel visas to Germany differ according to the purpose of the visit, the documents required for the translation approved according to the purpose of the travel visa, and the type of visa according to the language certificate of the German embassy:

  • Tourist visa: This visa is issued to visit or visit parents or relatives in Germany. The duration of this visa is short, less than three months.
  • Work visa: This visa is issued for business travel purposes; the duration of this visa is short, less than three months.
  • Education visa: This visa is issued to travel for educational purposes, and the visa is long, for more than three months.
  • Medical visa: This visa is issued to travel to receive medical treatment, and the duration of this visa is less than three months.

Many documents require accredited translation:

  • Passport.
  • Visa application form.
  • Health insurance for travel.
  • Bank account statements for the past six months.
  • Movement certificate.
  • A message from the employer stating the following:
    • Job title.
    • The start date.
    • Salary vocabulary.
    • There is no objection certificate.
    • Alawite speech indicates the visit’s purpose and the residence’s duration.

Active offers an accredited translation from the German embassy for all the abovementioned documents at competitive prices.


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