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When your company needs to translate content and audiovisual material for an international event, you may at first think that you need a translator if it is a bit out of the ordinary.

Nevertheless, this thinking is not always correct because it may be more appropriate to use interpretation services depending on the same event.

Services of interpreting are just as comprehensive as the need to reach another language group.

Translators work on written text and translate it into a new language, usually in their mother language. The interpreters in Dubai are highly qualified professionals who know the language, customs and conversations in the source and the target language in real-time.

The players thus fluently speak orally and also have an ideal audience. They interpret their contextual importance when listening to the words and transform them into a new target language to give them the correct definition.

But this is only part. In your event or company presentation, you will surely use audiovisual material, and you will also need to adapt it to the participants’ language.

It is essential to adapt audiovisual communication to the different foreign markets, and specialist interpretation is required.

A communications strategy and its proper planning depend on the success of international events, conferences, seminars, trade shows, audiences and business meetings. Active Translation Services has extensive experience in this field allows it to offer highly professional and comprehensive interpretation services in Dubai.

Competing advice about the type of interpretation best suited to the event, interpreter’s selection, location and conditions choice, performance monitoring and technical and audiovisual equipment provision is all the translation services Dubai.

Companies that work to establish and increase their brand presence in the foreign market are increasingly aware of the need to have interpretation services in their various actions with the public.

Professional interpreters are vital to conveying relevant information in all situations and places like hospitals, schools, and courts. An interpreter doesn’t just translate information. They communicate in a multidimensional way sensitive to multicultural experience, so there are many benefits to using a qualified interpreter.

Interpreters mitigate risks

In many cases, having an interpreter present is a matter of life and death. For example, if healthcare professionals cannot communicate adequately with their patients, it can lead to misdiagnosis and negligent treatment. An interpreter who is present, whether in person, by video, or over the phone, can effectively communicate medical terminology to ensure proper treatment.

An article illustrates the experience of a deaf patient: “She felt isolated and unsure why she was receiving certain injections or exactly what her medical condition was.” This feeling of isolation and disconnection is a common experience for people in dire need of interpretation services.

Culturally necessary

An interpreter can help with any cultural nuances that provide clarity across the language gap. For example, if a person is in court and does not make eye contact, it may be due to cultural differences. An interpreter can confirm whether this behaviour is cultural or challenging.

Professional interpreters have a deep understanding of the cultures they represent. Additionally, a report also states that: “The use of professional interpreters (in person or by video or phone) increases patient satisfaction, improves adherence and outcomes, and reduces adverse events, limiting the risk [of negligence.


In today’s climate, access to interpreters enables companies to serve more clients, more profound and further than ever imagined. This deeper commitment allows for inclusion and shows respect for the rich and diverse cultural landscape in which we live. Although interpreters are expensive for providers, their services are crucial; Failure to provide an interpreter is risky and could be more costly in the end.

Connect for success

Lastly, interpreters don’t just provide translation services. Interpreters bridge the language gap more accurately and effectively while providing a space for people and service providers to connect. They give a voice to people in need. Interpreters are the critical ingredients for successful practices.

The benefits of becoming an interpreter

An interpreter’s essential function is to translate speech or information from language to language. You may want to enter this growing field if you are fluent in more than one language because many advantages can be enjoyed in this work line.

Growth potential

As our culture becomes more diverse and businesses become more globalized, companies have realized the growing need for interpretation and translation services Dubai. This has led to a growing demand for advanced language skills and has placed interpreting as one of the country’s top emerging job options. 

Exciting and varied job assignments

In a range of fields, interpreters want to work. Health providers, including hospitals and rehabilitation centres, use interpreters to enhance patient and provider understanding. Educational interpreters can improve parent-educator relations and enable more excellent communication, for instance, when a teacher needs to talk to a parent during a child’s ill health or during a meeting. Government agencies are increasingly relying on interpreters to serve the public better and build stronger communities. This is only a small sample of opportunities, and as demand increases, the range of career opportunities for interpreters will continue to expand.

It’s a splendid job

The work of an interpreter can be gratifying because it can change the lives of a person. The translator turns into her voice when an individual does not fully understand a language. Help patients to communicate their symptoms accurately to their doctor, or to understand the diagnoses or treatment options, play a part in a school student’s success, so they are ready for the future, help someone to understand your rights in court, the responsibilities of an interpreter can be significant, but the rewards can be even greater.

Active Translation Services provides multiple translation and interpretation services and is the top-rated translation services company in Dubai. We also have our legal translation office in Dubai; visit us anytime and browse our website for more details. Hire us for our legal translation services Dubai or interpretation services, and be rest assured as we will assign the best legal translator for your project.


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