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About us

Active Translation Services

Active Translation Services is a translation service provider with unique set of quality control methods. With a core group of professional linguists, Active Translation Services serves the largest most recognized companies in fields such as law, diplomacy, technology, manufacturing, finance, insurance, food, retail, distribution, transportation, aviation, defense, banking, as well as governmental, semi-governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Our reputation stems from our incomparable translation accuracy, comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ business, service excellence and speed. So whatever you need translated from introductory offer letters to flight manuals we are here to help.

Why you need Active Translation Services

Finding the right translation service provider to manage your company’s projects is a very important decision. You need a language service provider that is:

  • a real partner helps you deliver to a middle east market

  • an expert enough to analyze the mastery of the nuances of virtually any language

  • keen to keep the value of great customer service

  • always prompt and responsive to your requirements.