Follow these tips and boost your INTERPRETATION SERVICES IN DUBAI

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Follow these tips and boost your INTERPRETATION SERVICES IN DUBAI

Active Translation Services is the top translation service in Dubai, which provides a professional legal translation services in Dubai and a unique set of quality control methods. With a large group of professional linguists, Active Translation Services is the largest most well-known translation service, in many fields such as:

  • Law,
  • Diplomacy,
  • Technology,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Finance,
  • Insurance,
  • Food,
  • Retail,
  • Distribution,
  • Transportation,
  • Aviation,
  • Defense.

Our Interpretation Services in Dubai aims to strengthen communication between customers and service providers so that people and businesses can connect.

We are one of the most reliable legal translation offices in Dubai. We are a language Interpretation Service in Dubai that will help you break the language barrier with all languages. If you choose us, we will get you the best legal translation services for various types of translations you might need and help your business communicate effectively. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with outstanding language skills and certified translators in Dubai who have worked with large companies throughout the years. All our clients return every time they need new legal translation services in Dubai.

We cover different areas such as:

  • Legal translations
  • Wills translations
  • Document Translation,
  • Technical Translation,
  • Website Translation,
  • Software Localization,
  • Manual Translation,
  • Certified translation,
  • Multimedia Localization,
  • Voice-Over Services,
  • Subtitling & Dubbing,
  • Multilingual DTP,
  • Linguistic Validation,
  • Proofreading & Editing,
  • Interpreting Services,
  • Transcription Services Dubai

We are the top and most reliable companies for legal translation services in Dubai, you can call us when you need one of these services, and our dedicated team members will do their best to accommodate you. The chances are that once you work with us, you will come back for more. We are one of the leading and most professional translation services in Dubai, our client’s satisfaction is our priority so that you can relax about the quality of our services. We make sure to respect your deadlines so you can rely on us for short notices you might need to cover.

Ways You Can Boost your Interpretation Services:

  • Medical Video Remote Interpreting

Live interpretation in healthcare settings can help save lives. Even when doctors and patients speak different languages, their conversation must be as clear and precise as possible. US studies have shown how hospitals and clinics unequipped to assist international patients are more likely to suffer costly and preventable medical errors. In many strongly multicultural countries, this is primarily true, such as the UAE.

One of the best methods to access qualified medical interpreters on-demand and remotely is Video Remote Interpreting, even in medical emergencies. VRI is faster, as it allows multilingual communication even on short notice; cheaper, saving on traveling costs and accommodation, and safe, as it avoids medical hazards and infections. VRI also works very well for other organizations that face unscheduled language challenges regularly, such as hotels, airports, restaurants, and public offices.

  • Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

After the pandemic caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19, most companies moved their conferences, meetings, and seminars online. It is the reason why many have chosen Remote Simultaneous Interpreting services to hold their events online. Thanks to RSI, your audience will be able to select their preferred language channel from their mobile device and get live translation from our interpreters.

  • Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is the best mode for small meetings, events, one-on-one or small group settings. In consecutive interpretation, speech is translated after every sentence or at the end of the speech, using notes to reclaim every bit of information. This mode does not require any specialized equipment, which is why it is best suited for events such as meetings, press conferences, and workshops.

The consecutive interpreters at Active Translation maintain high standards of professionalism and possess expert linguistic and interpersonal skills to help smooth interactions between two (and sometimes more) languages.

  • Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is an interpretation service that enables the interpreter to translate the conversation of two or more people who do not share the same language via telephone. The interpreter, connected via conference call, works consecutively, waiting for the speaker to finish a statement before interpreting it into the listener’s language. This process generally gets used when an interpreter is unavailable on-site or when the conversation needs to occur over the phone.

First used in the’70s, telephone interpreting became quite popular during the 90’s thanks to the lower costs of international calls. The demand for telephone interpreting has kept growing more prominent in the 21st century, leading to more sophisticated and high-quality service. Thanks to technological advancements, which ensure faster and more reliable connections, nowadays, the interpretation of phones is widely used in numerous settings such as commercial negotiations, emergency calls, customer service, and more.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation

Generally used for large conferences or meetings or environments where two or more languages get used. Simultaneous interpretation is a complex and arduous affair than consecutive interpretation. Interpreters sit in a secluded booth, listen to the speaker through a headset, and speak the translation into a microphone, which wirelessly gets transmitted to headsets worn by audience members. Sometimes referred to as UN style interpretation, this service requires trained interpreters and specialized equipment, all of which can get provided by Active Translation Services.

  • Conference Services

Active Translation’s Conference Services provides everything to make your global meetings productive, including:

  • On-site interpretation (simultaneous, whispered, escort, consecutive)
  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation (in-person and video conferencing)
  • Assistive listening for deaf and hard of hearing audience members
  • Document translation for meeting and conference materials
  • On-site coordinators and meeting planners
  • Registration website localization
  • Audio and video transcription

Our top priority is ensuring that your sessions get accomplished and achieve their goals.

Language Projects Tailored to Your Needs

We know how organizing large, multilingual events can create many challenges. It is why we offer one-stop-shop solutions to our clients so that they do not need to think about interpreting and translation during the event. Our Project Managers always take every project you assign us very seriously, organizing the resources, stakeholders, and assets required to provide a smooth language service. Some events are even more complex than others.


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