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Doing business internationally, importing, and exporting increases your chances of doing business and communicating with the world. For your international relationships and business to be successful, your ideas must be spoken and implemented purposefully. Sometimes a dictionary, hands, and feet help are enough. But remember: there is no second chance a first impression is created in the initial stage, and it lasts forever!

The more complete your business’s scope and the farther the scope, investment opportunities, and risks associated with it, the more critical a thoroughly professional and reliable translation is.

For many official or legal texts, the legislator requires compliance with strict regulations in the form of certified translations. In Dubai, only a few professional translators fulfill these stringent requirements to implement certified translations. They are appointed as sworn or certified translators by the higher regional or regional courts in charge of the federal state. The translation service that we provide with its professional and expert translators is one of them.

We can provide you with a certified translator Dubai, for your necessary documents.

What exactly is a certified translation?

Certified translations are texts or documents that have been translated from a foreign language into Arabic or another language and vice versa completely and legally guaranteed, which means that they are certified. In short: a translation certificate is a standardized certificate of authenticity for a translated document.

Examples of certified translations

  • Commercial registry extracts
  • Document translation in Dubai
  • Annual reports and other working documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Court rulings
  • Certificates (such as birth certificates, adoption certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and death certificates)
  • Certificates (such as unmarried status certificates)
  • Other certificates
  • All official documents (such as a driver’s license)
  • Credentials (such as school reports, diplomas, and job references)

Why do you need a certified translation?

By a professional or certified translator, translation services in Dubai are always required in principle if the text has legal effect in Dubai, UAE.

What is the difference between a certified translation service and a simple translation?

Simple translations such as advertisements, literature, and theatre do not meet any special formal requirements. On the other hand, certified translation may only be performed by a certified translator in Dubai or certified translators. The attestation notes, certificate stamp, and translator’s signature are added after translating the text into accredited translations. Depending on the federal state, the rule applies that the certified translation must also be certified by the responsible consulate’s signature and the head of the responsible court (using what is called certification or apostille).

Hiring translation services Dubai is no more a difficult task! Hire us with confidence, and we assure to deliver the best translation service as we strictly stick to the commitments. We make sure to comply with all necessary official requirements with our legal translator. Visit our website and get more details about our service and past work.

Only a small number of translators are permitted to issue certified translation services in Dubai.

Legal authorities or certified translators may only create certified translations. Usually, documents and signatures are certified by authorized authorities or persons (such as a notary). Whoever certifies a record or signature that legally guarantees its authenticity means that the certificate bears the legal liability. Sharing responsibility serves this purpose by ensuring that authenticity is not carelessly secured. It is carefully checked whether the object to be certified is original. Groups of people who deal with certified documents depend on their authenticity and rely on legal certainty.

In texts written in a foreign language, employees of a notary public’s authority cannot assume this responsibility, as they lack technical linguistic background. Since linguistic minute details can have completely different legal implications, there are legal or specially approved translation services in Dubai to certify foreign language texts or translate foreign language texts.

We will help you determine whether a certified translation is necessary for your translation or if a simple translation is sufficient.

We have been serving our business customers as the preferred partner for nearly 20 years. We always act according to our self-imposed claim to ensure high efficiency with competent employees. Last but not least, this includes in-depth technical training and continuous training for our staff.

To achieve the most excellent possible accuracy in the translations related to the technical terms of the target language, we only use translators who are specialized in the native language, and that is why we are the top-rated translation company in Dubai. Our clients rely entirely on our work as they get the best accuracy in all the translated documents.

We always stand on our toes to help you and put your international business activities on a safe footing in all foreign language facets. Are you looking for legal translation services in Dubai? Talk to us about what you are planning – we will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer as soon as possible.


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