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Regarding translation and interpretation, it is always best to seek the services of a certified translation company in Abu Dhabi. This is because such a company is staffed with trained and experienced professionals who are not only competent in their respective languages but also in the culture and customs of the UAE.

A certified translation company will also have a good understanding of the various requirements of businesses in the UAE. This is important for ensuring that all communication between businesses and their clients is clear and concise.

In addition, a certified translation company will also be able to provide accurate and up-to-date translations of documents. This is important for businesses that need to keep their records in order.

What is a certified translation company ?

A certified translation company is a company that provides accurate and reliable translations of documents for businesses and individuals. Certified translation companies are accredited by the United Nations and other international organizations to provide high-quality translations of official documents.

Certified translation companies use only qualified and experienced translators who are native speakers of the target language. The translating team at a certified translation company is often composed of subject matter experts, engineers, and other professionals who have extensive knowledge in the field or document being translated.

When you need a reliable and accurate translation of an important document, you can trust that a certified translation company will provide you with a high-quality translation.

Why are we one of the best-certified translation companies ?

Speed of delivery:

Many clients who need legal translations need to receive them urgently. That’s why we offer simultaneous translation services with the fastest group of professional translators in the UAE. Our professional translators are always ready to complete your translation project. It can be on the same day. Can you believe it? Many legal document translation agencies do not update this service, but we do.

 Accuracy of translations:

At Active, we are obsessed with quality, so you will find that every legal translation project, whether it is one page or 200 pages, goes through a thorough translation and review process. This involves various stages to ensure that the legal documents we provide to our clients are as accurate as possible. This accuracy is then achieved to produce legal translations with a zero error rate. All legal translators at Active Translation Agency translate from the languages in which they are competent and only into the language in which they specialize. This is because legal translation requires a deep knowledge of the law. Our legal translators are very familiar with legal contracts and other legal documents. Of course, in addition, we also have translators specialized in other areas, for example, translation of medical certificates, vaccination records, patents, product specifications, and more.

Competitive prices:

We are one of the most recognized legal document translation agencies in Abu Dhabi. We are the most recognized legal document translation agency in Abu Dhabi and we use accredited full-time translators for our translation projects, not uncertified freelancers, which reduces our costs. This allows us to offer our clients the best prices in the translation market, not only in Abu Dhabi but throughout the UAE.

24/7 service :

Our customers are like family to us. That is why our project coordinators are dedicated to responding to your calls and emails, even late at night, on weekends, or on public holidays. This is because we know the urgency of legal translation in Abu Dhabi. So, no matter when, how much, and where you need us, we are always ready to meet your urgent requests. Send us an email and we will get back to you within minutes. Contact us now.

Customized service:

We treat our customers like partners and close friends. That’s why you will find that our team communicates with you and remembers your needs every time you call, even after a thousand years. That’s why we offer a legal translation service customized to your needs.

Learn more about certified translators in the UAE

Certified Translation Office in Abu Dhabi: Why They Matter ?

The city of Abu Dhabi is a thriving hub of global trade and culture, with a growing demand for certified translation services. Certified translations are legally binding documents that require precision and accuracy, or documents may be rejected by government agencies or other governing bodies. As such, it is important to find an experienced and certified translation agency in Abu Dhabi that can provide high-quality translations.

A reliable and certified translation office in Abu Dhabi should have a team of professional and experienced translators. These translators should specialize in different languages and services, including medical and technical translations, to ensure accuracy and provide solutions that meet the specific needs of clients. The translators should also have a deep understanding of the target culture, to provide culturally-accurate translations that meet the standards of government entities.

What to expect from a certified translation company

Certified translation offices also ensure the privacy and confidentiality of documents by ensuring that all information is handled securely. Certified translation offices should adhere to the highest industry standards in terms of data security and privacy. This includes the use of secure portals, encryption services, and secure network protocols.

Apart from this, the translators should provide the fastest turnaround times, while offering competitive pricing. This will ensure that their services are accessible to more people and businesses that require precision and accuracy for their certified translations.

Finally, certified translation offices should offer customer service and after-sales support that is embedded into their services. This helps clients throughout the process and ensures that the service is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

Overall, certified translation agencies offer a valuable service in Abu Dhabi. and can help guarantee that documents are translated accurately and quickly. Quality customer service and after-sales support provided by the translation offices help to ensure documents . that documents are completed with accuracy and within the required timeframe. Businesses and individuals that require certified translations should look for a translation company in Abu Dhabi . that meets the highest industry standards and provides reliable services.

What services do a certified translation company provide ?

A Certified Translation Company In Abu Dhabi offer a comprehensive range of services. that helps businesses to communicate effectively with their international clients. We offer document translation, website translation, and interpreting services in more than 150 languages. We also have a team of qualified and experienced translators who are experts in different fields, such as legal, medical, and technical. In addition, we also offer localization services, which help businesses to adapt their products and services for different markets.


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