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Certified Italian translator

A certified Italian translator in Dubai is one of the important services that many individuals and companies need in Dubai. The Italian language is one of the most important languages spoken by people all over the world. Certainly translating this language into Arabic or other languages requires experience and a professional method of translation. Therefore, in this post, we will learn about a certified Italian translator in Dubai. Let’s understand the role of a certified translator and how this affects translation quality and user cultures.

Who is the certified Italian translator?

Professionals with the necessary skills and qualifications to translate documents between Italian and other languages. A certified Italian translator is important not only for those who need to obtain a visa to Italy but also for those who want to start a business or buy real estate in Italy.

Native Italian speakers who are also certified or sworn translators can provide accurate translations of any of the documents. When you need an Italian translator, it is important to choose a certified translator who can translate all kinds of documents. From birth and death certificates to driver’s licenses.

What are the qualities of any certified Italian translator?

1- Good English

A certified Italian translator is a native Italian language and culture speaker. He is also fluent in English. Which makes it ideal for translating documents and other texts between the two languages. Our certified Italian translators have many years of experience handling fast delivery of Italian to English translation projects. This means that we can help you with your translation needs, whether for business or personal use.

Their familiarity with cultures and languages makes them uniquely qualified to provide accurate and culturally sensitive translations. In addition, they are required to adhere to a strict code of ethics, ensuring that their projects are handled professionally and confidentially. With their experience and qualifications, you can be sure that your Italian translation will be of the highest quality.

2- Have a translated certificate from an accredited body

The certified translation is signed and dated by the translator and includes a statement attesting to the translator’s qualifications. Certified translations are often required for official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, and transcripts.

For example, all documents used for official purposes, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, transcripts, and other legal documents, require certified translations. A certified translation is often needed when applying for a visa or translating residence status. In many countries, all official documents must be submitted in your native language. If you need a certified translation of your document, it is important to choose a qualified translator, and the best way to do this is to choose a translator with a degree in translation from an accredited institution.

3- Certified Italian translator, member of the Professional Translation Association

You must belong to a professional translation association. And being a member of such an organization includes access to directories of certified members, discounts on professional development opportunities, comprehensive resources, and support, and there are many benefits. Being a member of a professional translation association shows your commitment to your career and provides networking opportunities with other professionals in the field.

4- He has at least 5 years of experience in translating Italian documents.

If you are looking for a certified Italian translator who will provide high-quality Italian translation, our professional translators are here to help you. Each of them has a minimum of 5 years of experience and is an expert in their field, ensuring accurate and reliable results. If you need a document translated from Italian to English, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to give you a perfect quote.

5- They have a strong academic background

As more people continue their education in Italy, the need for document translations also increases. They are usually certified by professional Italian translators. Our certified Italian translators have a good academic background and can write fluently in both Italian and English, which makes them ideal for translating documents from Italian into English and Arabic and vice versa.

6-  knowledgeable about Italian culture

You should know that any certified Italian translator is the best choice for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the culture. Of course, this is an important skill to have when traveling or working in a foreign country. They understand the nuances of the language as I am a certified Italian translator.

7- Certified Italian translator has a deep understanding of the Italian language and its nuances

We have worked in this field as professional translators for over 15 years. We translate documents for different companies and institutions. In delivering, I am confident in my ability to provide accurate, high-quality translations and I am confident that I can provide your company or organization with the same level of quality and accuracy.

8- Keep up with the latest changes and trends

If you are looking for a certified Italian translator who can keep up with the latest changes and trends in the industry, then look no further. We provide accurate and fast translations certified by the American Translators Association. Their expertise means that they can provide you with the highest quality translation possible.

9- They follow strict ethical rules

Any certified Italian translator has strict ethical rules. We must be honest, accurate, and fair in our work. In addition, the confidentiality and privacy of customer information must be maintained. These requirements ensure that our translations are of high quality and meet the needs of our clients.

What documents are required to obtain an Italian visa?

Types of visas offered by the Italian Embassy in the UAE There are many visas for travel to Italy and the documents required for certified translation depend on the purpose of the travel visa. We are an active translation office accredited by the Italian Embassy because we don’t have a single accredited Italian translator, but a whole team. As for the different types of visas, they are:

  1. Long-term Schengen visa (Schengen): This visa is granted for travel, study, work, and family reunification. It is also granted to join the husband or wife, and the duration of this visa is not less than 3 months.
  2. Short-term Schengen (Schengen) visa: This visa is granted for tourism in Italy and visiting family and relatives. It is also granted to visit friends and for medical treatment. The duration of this visa is less than three months.
  3. Airport transit visa: transit visa. This visa is granted to travel to certain countries through Italian airports. Many documents require certified translation to obtain a travel visa.
  • Italian visa application form.
  • Travel health insurance card.
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months.
  • A copy of the previous entry visa to the Schengen Area (Schengen).
  • Transfer certificate.
  • A letter from the employer.
  • Work start date.
  • Vocabulary salary.
  • No objection certificate.
  • A cover letter stating the purpose of your trip and the length of your stay.

The Active Translation Office is one of the accredited translation offices in the Italian Embassy, and this is because we don’t have a single professional Italian translator, but a whole team. It provides certified translations of all the documents mentioned above at competitive prices while adhering to the dates agreed upon with the client. Contact us now and request our services.


Any certified Italian translator can provide you with perfect, high-quality translations of your documents. However, when dealing with us, you will also benefit from our competitive prices and our speed in delivering the documents to be translated. This is because our experts are experienced in working with native language translators, and this is to ensure that your translations are error-free.


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