What are the certified translation prices in Dubai?

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Certified translation prices

Different types of businesses in Dubai require different kinds of language services. The need for English-to-Arabic translation is different from that of Arabic-to-English translation. Depending on the type of business, the document, and the target audience, the required translation services will vary.
However, one common thread across all businesses is the need for certified translation prices. In Dubai, the cost of certified translation can range from AED 50 to AED 3,000, depending on the document and the language service provider.
If you are looking for a certified translation service in Dubai, then this article is for you. We will explain everything you need to know about certified translation prices in Dubai, from the different types of services available to the average cost of each service.

When doing business in international markets, it is important to remember that language is a complex material that requires precise handling. It is easy to focus only on budget, but quality food requires quality ingredients. Just as a chef carefully weighs and mixes the right ingredients to create a delicious dish, a business needs to pay attention to language to succeed in a new market. This is where Albion Language Edge comes in. As a certified translation specialist, our services are essential in getting the recipe right.

What determines translation prices certified translation?

Expert recipes

As Certified Translation Specialists, we have spent years perfecting our craft to become ‘master chefs’ of the language world. We have the knowledge and expertise to produce accurate, high-quality translations and help your business succeed in new markets.

Quality control

We recognize the importance of quality control in the translation process. Our staff is carefully selected by each project team according to their specific requirements to ensure the highest level of industry knowledge, accuracy, and consistency.

What our clients say

Just like a chef uses the right ingredients to create a delicious dish, as certified translation experts we use our linguistic and cultural expertise to create translations that are tailored to your target market. We actively listen to our clients and take pride in delivering a five-star service every time.

Buyer trust.

Buyer trust is crucial when growing your business. Just as a strong reputation attracts customers to a restaurant, a business that uses certified language translators can instill confidence in potential buyers.
By ensuring your translations are accurate and professional, a certified translation specialist builds trust and helps your business establish itself as a respected and trusted player in the marketplace.

Choose Active and get the best prices for certified translation in Dubai!

When growing your business, having a certified language translation specialist is key to success. When looking for the right linguist, it can be tempting to focus on price and timeline, but it’s important to dig deeper. At active translation, we understand the importance of quality control, the nuances of language and culture, and the role of buyer trust. If you are looking to grow internationally, contact our team today. we have the best Certified translation prices.

Questions about certified translation prices are asked by many

Do all professional translators charge the same fee?

No, they do not. Regarding translation services for legal documents, it is common for each language service provider to charge different rates. This is because prices are related to local prices in the region where the translators live, their experience, and qualifications. The best way to find out prices is to request a translation quote, which most people in the translation industry do with just a few clicks.

Are the certified translation prices different in translation offices than with independent translators?

Translation companies/translation agencies and freelance translators usually charge different rates. There are advantages and disadvantages to using each type of translation, so it’s worth considering not only the pricing but also which one to choose. Freelance translators are better suited for routine translations, while translation agencies usually have specialists in a wide range of fields, so if you are looking for good Certified translation prices you might use translation agencies. you need to be more likely to get the document translation you need.

Are the fees the same for translations in all languages?

No, they are not. Translation fees vary depending on the language. This is because some language pairs are rare and require you to find a specialist, which can result in higher translation costs. However, it is important to find someone skilled in working with a specific language pair. If you use someone who is not skilled at translating into the target language, the work may be cheaper, but it may not be suitable for what you need.

Is it cheaper to have an in-house legal translator?

If you work for a company that needs a lot of translated texts, you may find it cheaper to hire an in-house translator, but this is unusual! Unless the work is continuous enough to justify hiring an in-house translator, it is usually cheaper to hire a freelance translator or translation agency for each job. In-house translators may cost less per document translated, but the total cost of hiring an in-house translator is higher.

Why is legal translation more expensive than regular translation?

Legal translations are usually more expensive due to the more detailed translation process and higher demands on knowledge and experience. Compared to a simple blog translation, legal translation requires more specialized skills.

Is sworn translation expensive?

Yes, sworn translations are usually more expensive than standard translations because there are additional requirements that must be met for sworn translations. Those with a sworn translation qualification can charge more because their skills are more valuable.

How much should I charge for translating a document?

If you are considering offering translation services and are wondering how much you should charge for translation services, unfortunately, there is no easy answer.

Should I charge per piece or word?

In most cases, the translation fee is set per word, but in some cases, it is possible to set the fee per page . For example, since translating a birth certificate for the Immigration Department takes a certain amount of time, you can quote a per-word fee in advance. Ultimately, however, you need to determine the pricing structure that works best for you.

Do certified translation prices increase if the translator has more experience?

If a translator has more experience in a particular field or speaks a language where it is difficult to find a translator, the translation service may charge a higher fee.


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