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Certified translation is the most common and popular type of translation in the UAE. Certified translation is a translation of any document, whether it is a letter or a book, and then it is certified by the competent authority or office, whether inside or outside the country. We, at Active Legal Translation Office, are keen to provide certified translations in all languages, with zero error rates, and at very competitive prices, and this is done by the best-certified translators. One of the most important translation services that we distinguish is certified Arabic translation into English or French translation.

Simplified meaning of translation

Is it difficult for you to understand the meaning of translation and why it is important to deal with the best-certified translators? Let me explain to you. The translation is a way for two different people to speak and understand each other in their language. A simple definition of translation that is easy to understand and absorb is when you learn something and then teach it to other people. For example, one of your friends speaks Arabic, the other speaks French, and the third speaks Italian. You may have learned their second language or even their primary language while communicating with them because they are your friends. And now they want to learn English while not knowing a single word of this language.

So, it is up to you to translate the words into these languages so that they can understand and learn English while having fun. That’s why three of your friends need you so they can communicate with each other. Do you see here lies the importance of translation, if the person who does the translation is not one of the accredited translators, then this means that he may make a mistake. Well, now imagine that the three friends turned into three countries, government agencies, or official bodies. Will you then venture to deal with any translator, or will you choose the best-accredited translators to ensure the quality of the translation and that it is free from problems?

What are the conditions that must be met in a translation office with accredited translators?

Nowadays, UAE has become a major destination for global companies to expand their business. With this increase in the demand for translation services, many companies have opened offices in Dubai.

However, before you start running your own translation office, you need to make sure that you meet certain conditions.

The first requirement is that you have a license from the Ministry of Economy and Trade (MEC). This license allows you to conduct business as an agency or company licensed under Dubai Commercial Registration Law.

The second condition is that your office must be registered with the Dubai Land Department as a commercial establishment. The registration process can take up to two weeks, but once complete, it will enable you to apply for your Business Organization Number (BEN). The Land Department will issue this number within 24 hours after approving your application.

BEN will be used by your customers when they pay any fees or taxes related to their services with you. You will also use it when making payments on behalf of customers or suppliers located outside the UAE.

The third condition is that he has at least one accredited translator. Because this translator will do all the work. As we are active translation services, we have a full staff of certified translators who are experts in their field.

A translation office is a place where people who speak other languages work together to translate documents from one language to another. Therefore, even workers in the translation office, from accredited translators to secretaries, should be:

  • The members of the office must have certificates in translation or proofreader diplomas issued by educational institutions accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • The members of the office must be proficient in Arabic and English languages at least. They must also be able to speak at least one other language, such as French or German. This is because most of the documentation is translated into these languages as well.
  • They must have extensive knowledge of their country’s culture, history, and geography in addition to the above requirements. This will enable them to better understand what they are translating and provide a more accurate translation to their clients.

6 tips to help you choose a translation office with certified translators

Before choosing an accredited translation office with accredited translators, you should not specify your needs, for example, what type of file you need to translate and from which language to which the language you want to translate, or is it not a file but a video? You have to ask yourself this question first. The next step is to find a certified translation office that has a dedicated team of expert certified translators who have a good reputation for accuracy, editing, and punctuality.

The following are the most important conditions that must be met in a certified translation office with certified translators:

  1. He has to provide accredited translation services such as legal, commercial, and scientific translation, translation of official papers, and many other types of translation.
  2. The office must be among the lists of translation offices accredited by official government bodies and agencies such as the Ministry of Defense and police authorities in the UAE.
  3. You should avoid fake translation offices on the Internet that promote themselves without a real workplace that you can go to and have a good reputation or even any online translators. You should only deal with deliberate translators so as not to expose yourself to big problems.
  4. You should check the opinions of previous clients of the certified translation agency that has certified translators you wish to deal with by searching on the Internet and the agency’s website.
  5. You can search for the presence of the name of the accredited translation office on international translation platforms such as the PROZ platform and even the International Translators Network.
  6. You can check the accreditation bodies by asking those in charge of the accredited translation office that you are looking for, which has accredited translators, about the licenses and accreditation bodies that he mentions, so that you can make sure for yourself that they are correct.

Good certified translation conditions are offered by the best-certified translators

There are specific criteria for a good certified translation . which active Office offers you for translation services, and you should always investigate their presence in the texts and documents to be translated;

That the copy be an exact copy

In other words, if the translation office is required to translate a document for a creative, scientific, legal, or official text. then the translation must be done in the same wording in terms of the seriousness or officialness of the other language to which it is translated. For example, official documents should not be translated informally, comically, or not seriously in official terms, and vice versa. A professional translator is someone who transfers the text in its original spirit to another language without altering or distorting it. This is what prompts us to confirm the presence of certified translators with experience in various specializations and types of translation in Active Legal Translation Services.

Trusted sources

These sources include office tools needed for work, such as computers, translation programs, printers, and scanners. In addition to the paper materials that are used in the translation process. This opens the door to the establishment of training centers for translation. Where certified translators are trained in these institutions to use these resources in the best way available. Each office working in it provides sufficient experts for a variety of papers . by taking advantage of the aforementioned sources: for example, specialized dictionaries, as we benefit from them. This is due to the aspect of quality, so the sources they use in these institutions are guaranteed. This includes hardware and software suitable for translation and printers, as well as paper materials.

All these resources also provide new training opportunities in professional translation. In addition, the presence of reliable sources in the translation increases the quality of the text and improves the professionalism of the translation office. In addition, the translated text should be comprehensive and impartial, whether the translation is certified or a general translation. The translator is never asked to amplify his views, nor does he aim to inadvertently change formulas in phrases. Also, the most important translation skill is translating the entire document without deleting or dropping any of its parts. In addition to a neutral professional translation without expressing the translator’s point of view. Evidence of honesty and professional ethics. The contents and purposes of the text must not be distorted . either in a weak way or by lying in this regard.

Spelling rules

Any written work must know grammar and spelling. No professional translator can do this work correctly if he is not aware of the grammar of the language in which it is concerned. Each language has its own specific rules . And the person translating must be fully aware of these rules since the quality and harmony of the text without grammatical or spelling errors are determined by this knowledge. Exactly as it happens when it comes to writing in Arabic. All of these things you can find here. Contact us now


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