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If you live in Abu Dhabi, you need a translation office. Because this field is large, there are many translation offices. Therefore, finding accredited translation offices that provide their services in a distinguished and professional manner in addition to a large number of languages is difficult. We are here to solve this dilemma because we are one of the best-accredited translation offices in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. We are distinguished in French legal translation services that you will not find anywhere else. Our experience in the labor market speaks for us and our partners in success are many. Active translation offices are translation offices accredited in the UAE by all embassies, consulates, and ministries.

We provide excellent and fast translation for most languages. And we are backed by a team of reliable and skilled translation experts with academic degrees and deep-rooted expertise in legal, business, financial, technical, marketing, medical, and document translation. We are one of the leading certified document translation offices in Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for high-quality, accurate, and affordable translation services in the UAE in general and Abu Dhabi and Dubai in particular. Then look no further because Active is your best destination for certified translation in Abu Dhabi.

Some of the legal services provided by Active Office are the best accredited legal translation office.

1- Translating contracts

2 – Translating court records

3- Translating confidentiality agreements

4- Translation of patents

5- Translating testimonies

6- Translating driving licenses

7- Translating regulations and laws

8- Translation of marriage, divorce, death, and graduation certificates

9- Translation of commandments

10- Translating powers of attorney

Why are we one of the best document translation offices of all kinds?

Speed of delivery:

Many clients who need a legal translation need to receive it urgently. And this is to accomplish their tasks on time; Therefore, we offer you simultaneous translation service, through our group of professional translators, the fastest in the UAE. Our professional translators are always ready to complete your translation projects may be on the same day….. Can you believe it? Many legal document translation offices will not renew this service, but we do.

Translation accuracy:

Because we, at Active, care about quality, you will find that all legal translation projects – whether one page or two hundred pages – undergo a thorough translation and review process. This consists of several stages, and this is to ensure the highest possible accuracy of the legal documents that are provided to you at all times. And to achieve this accuracy, which produces a legal translation in which the error rate is zero.

He translates every legal translator we have in  Active Legal Translation Office from and into the languages he can and in his field of specialization only. And because legal translation needs a keen knowledge of the legal field. Our legal translators are very familiar with legal contracts and other legal documents. This is of course in addition to other translators specializing in other fields such as: translating medical reports, and vaccination records, and others specializing in patents, product specifications, and many other specialists.

Competitive prices:

Since we are one of the most famous legal document translation offices in Abu Dhabi. On our assigned translation projects, we work with our certified full-time translators and not unaccredited freelance translators; Which helps us reduce the cost. Hence, we provide our clients with the best prices in the translation market in the whole Emirates, not just Abu Dhabi.

24/7 service:

Our clients are like family to us. That’s why our project coordinators are dedicated to answering your clients’ phone calls and emails, even if it’s late at night, or even on weekends or public holidays. This stems from our knowledge and appreciation of the urgent nature of legal translation in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, you find us always ready to receive your urgent request at any time, in any amount, and any place. Just send an email and you will receive our response within minutes. Contact us now.

Customized service:

We treat you as a partner and a close friend to us. That is why you find that our team communicates with you and remembers your requirements every time you call, even if after a thousand years. This is to provide you with customized legal translation services according to your needs.

What are the conditions that must be met in translation offices for translating legal documents?

1. Multiple branches

The diversity and multiplicity of locations of Active Legal Translation branches, as they are located in two emirates in the United Arab Emirates, and is one of the most important features of document translation offices. Because it guarantees you easy access, achievement, and proximity to the various official bodies that require translated papers or certified translation. Active branches for translation services:

2. Accreditation

Legal document translation offices must have authenticated and valid accreditation certificates from the concerned authorities. This is in addition to the experience and proficiency in the various languages to which translation is required. And types of translation such as (document translation, medical translation, legal translation, scientific and technical translation, screen and film translation, and many other types)

3. Accuracy and professionalism

We are distinguished by accuracy, speed, and flexibility in dealing with customers. This is to meet all their requests with the best service and in the fastest time.

4. Experts in translation

Good document translation offices usually have a professional team of translators with expertise in various fields related to translation. For example, the legal translator has a specialized background in law.

5. Excellent quality

The translated text or material to be translated is presented to the quality control department before it is approved or presented to the client. To ensure that errors or even errors are avoided

Wasting time and building mutual trust between clients and translation offices of legal documents.

6. Competitive prices

Providing competitive prices is an advantage that cannot be overlooked. This is to accomplish the documents required to be translated by professional translators with high accuracy and skill. This is a belief in the importance of the translated documents for the client and it is the trust that clients place in legal document translation offices.

7. Fast communication

Fast communication does not mean only the availability of the office in a vital place, but also the ease of communication with us around the clock. You can always contact us to make comments, request services, or inquire about anything you want, and the response will be made directly with unprecedented flexibility and professionalism.

8. Using the best technology in translation

We use the best technology to get the most accurate translation quality as quickly as possible to save client time.

9. Honesty and confidentiality

Ensure complete confidentiality, especially when translating important and confidential papers such as legal documents.

Where can you find us ?

Wherever you are within the United Arab Emirates in general, Dubai, or Abu Dhabi in particular. We are one of the largest legal document translation offices. We offer you a range of legal translation services and other different types of translation. This is in addition to the many languages that we translate from and into. Contact us, you will find us available 24 hours a day. Active Legal Translation Office is also considered one of the offices that also operates remotely. That is, you can order our services from anywhere in the world.


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