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Daily, many people are looking for certified translation offices for various services. Some of them are looking for translation services online, and some of them want to translate a scientific article or even want to translate their resume.
Do you think this is the only reason, or are there bigger reasons that make it so important? Why do people resort to accredited translation offices specifically and not anywhere else? What is the importance of certified translation offices? Let’s go now to answer this question.

What is a certified translation and what is the difference between it and an uncertified translation?

Certified translation is the translation issued by certified translation offices, or a certified translator of a document, text, or official document addressed to an official or unofficial entity in another country, and relies on the transfer of the document or document from one language to another, fully and completely conveying the meaning contained in it. The original text is without any change.

The difference between the certified and uncertified translation is that the uncertified translation does not require the same conditions required in the certified translation, nor is it submitted to the official authorities, nor does it require the complete transmission of the original text, while it is sufficient to communicate the required meaning only. In addition, an uncertified translation does not include any acknowledgment of responsibility for the authenticity of the translation from a certified translator or certified translation offices themselves in the translation document.

Meaning of certified translation offices.

certified translation offices hold an official permit from the country where the office is located. This means that what these offices translate is used by government agencies all over the world. And the documents that are translated by these offices have an official nature, such as certificates of marriage, divorce, death, and so on.

Who are the entities that need accredited translation offices?

Of course, I guessed that the parties that request that the translation is from certified translation offices are the official and governmental bodies, such as:

  • international companies.
  • Embassies and consulates.
  • Banks and exchange shops.
  • Ministries and their affiliates.
  • business offices.
  • Documentation bodies.
  • Universities and schools.
  • Courts and law firms.

Some types of documents and papers needed by entities that need accredited translation offices

  • birth certificate
  • death certificate
  • Marriage contract
  • divorce papers.
  • Personal cards and identity cards.
  • Companies commercial register.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Graduation certificate.
  • Commercial contracts.
  • academic registration.
  • Experience certificate.
  • A partnership contract.
  • tax declaration.
  • medical reports.
  • Criminal record.
  • Bank data.
  • Enterprises commercial register.
  • Title deeds.

What are the types of certified translation offered by certified translation offices?

1. Translating official documents and papers

The translation of official documents and papers is one of the most important and well-known types of certified translation that is highly demanded by the world.
This is because many people need certified translation provided by certified translation offices.
Because it includes the translation of many documents such as birth, death, divorce, marriage certificates, and tax cards. This is to present it to some official authorities in any country around the world, whatever it is.

2. Financial translation

Financial translation has many uses but is mainly used in economic, commercial, and banking transactions. An example of this is the translation of financial contracts, annual budget reports, companies’ financial records, and many other documents and papers.

3. Translating legal texts

The translation of legal texts is one of the most popular types of certified translation provided by a certified translation office. Many documents and legal papers are translated to be submitted to governmental and legal agencies that do not speak or do not understand the basic language of those documents, and the most important of these documents are:

Patent documents.
Court hearing minutes.
All papers that contain a legal or judicial nature.

And because these papers and documents are very sensitive, any translation error may lead to major problems. Only documents translated from accredited translation offices are accepted for use.

4. The sworn translation

Sworn translation falls under the heading of legal translation. This is because it must produce a document signed by one of the sworn translators authorized by the State Department to translate this type of official government document.

5. Forensic translation

Notarized translation is another sub-type of legal translation provided by certified translation offices. It refers to the translation of texts and legal documents. For binding documentation, such as partnership, sale, and purchase contracts, laws, instructions, and binding conditions, partnership agreements between companies, international covenants, protocols between countries, and other forms of legal papers and documents.

6. Commercial translation

The commercial translation is a type of certified translation. The commercial translation is used to translate documents and papers related to trade and import and export movements. For example, trade contracts between companies, invoices, tender papers, and financial bonds.

What is the importance of certified translation offices?

  1. Government agencies do not accept documents and papers translated by any uncertified translation office, so resorting to regular uncertified offices is a waste of time.
  2. Because certified translation gives documents an official character, they can be used in embassies and others naturally and directly.
  3. certified translation helps in getting to know the cultures of peoples, as it alone allows the exchange of different cultures of peoples between countries in an official capacity.
  4. The certified translation is very accurate because it is produced by translators who are already experienced and cannot make mistakes like those issued by other unaccredited offices.
  5. We cannot forget that some documents cannot be used unless they are translated by an accredited translation office, such as marriage documents and Divorce, lawsuits, official academic documents, power of attorney, and other papers and documents.

The best-certified translation offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Finally, and after all that we know about the effective role that certified translation offices play,
we must introduce you to the best of these offices in the whole Emirates… It is Active for certified Legal Translation Services.

Because we, at Active Translation Office, have been able to reach a high position thanks to the efforts we have devoted over many years of striving to always provide the best for our clients;
We were entitled to your trust, which is increasing day by day, and here are some of the advantages of dealing with Active Office for certified Legal Translation Services:

Commitment to time: We set a time to complete the translation of documents and we adhere to it completely so as not to cause any disruption to the customer, but we are also distinguished by our speed in delivery.

Complete confidentiality: Of course, some documents and documents that must be translated from certified translation offices may contain many secrets that must be kept confidential, so we promise you that we will strictly maintain the confidentiality of your data.

Accurate professional translation: We have a large team of expert translators specialized in all languages, in addition to their ability to understand the nature of the documents they translate.

Appropriate prices: Despite the accuracy of what we offer in translation, our prices are ideal compared to many other certified translation offices.


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