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We cannot deny the growing need for translation globally and locally; We also cannot deny that globalization and cultural appropriation are the reason, but translation is a large deep sea that has many fields and types such as scientific translation, technical translation, as well as legal translation. Legal translation is one of the most important and widespread types of translation. Why? Given the global situation of foreign investments,  international cooperation, and agreements, and for this, you need a certified translation office.

Active Legal Translation Office is an accredited translation office in Dubai that provides all types of translation. We are the best in the field with more than 10 years of experience; this is because we offer you error-free translation as well as quality that you will not find anywhere else, this is not our speed in implementation and delivery, most of all that our prices are very competitive, but we translate to many of languages

What is the meaning of legally certified translation?

A certified legal translation is a translation that meets the conditions set by a particular country in the field of law, and this allows it to be used in official procedures after the translator acknowledges his responsibility for its accuracy. This condition varies widely from one country to another. While some countries only allow a translator designated by the country to provide this type of translation, other countries accept translations done by professionals in the original and target languages. Between these two extremes, there are countries where any professional translator can do a certified translation if the legal translator has the appropriate qualifications and this is what the certified translation office offers.

Legal translation is like all fields of translation. Legal translation requires training and knowledge of terminology in this field, but it differs from other fields in its difficulty. You may find that the law changes not only from country to country but also from city to city.

Types of services provided by the certified translation office

Commercial Law

Contracts, licenses, terms and conditions, privacy policies.

companies laws

Documents that form part of the diligence process, articles of incorporation contracts, shareholder agreements, and certificates of incorporation.

property law

Surveyor reports, deeds, land registration documents

The law relating to information technology and sole proprietorship

Software licenses, contracts


Like pleadings, papers attached to evidence

Employment law

Business policy, training manuals, company sheets

Banking and financial affairs

Bank account statements and loans

Regulatory affairs

Marketing authorization documents, store management policies

And also:

Law as defined in the preceding cases, civil law, contract law, copyright law, criminal law, family law, intellectual property, protocols, patents, and sales

If you need any assistance in translating any kind of these papers, contact us

Why do you need a certified translation office?

Legal translation is the most difficult specialized branch when compared to other fields such as economics, literary and literal translation…etc. The common people, and the category of people of competence among the men of law; Because of the nature of this legal text, it has made legal translation rank high on the international and global levels. On the global level, it is represented in the translation of all official documents and contracts. On the international level, it is represented in the translation of international agreements, treaties, and commercial contracts.

Legal translation needs continuous training because it is not appropriate at all to translate legal texts literally; Because this would make the meanings incomplete, which would lead to a decrease in the quality of the translation. This cannot be compared to the following: it is possible because of a literal translation that major accidents occur, and herein lies the importance of legal translation. Therefore, you must resort to a certified translation office to translate your legal papers.

How to become a legal translator with a certified translation office?

To become a certified legal translator with an accredited translation office, whether you are already a translator or you are new in the field of legal translation, you must do the following; Especially since most of those who work in the field of legal translation have previously studied law; Therefore, you must strive and train continuously and accurately to be at the same level:

Legal reading

In the sense that you must read many legal translations and bilingual legal books from different countries because, as we mentioned before, the approved translation differs from one country to another, and because the law and its translation also differ from one place to another; Therefore, you must read to hydrate your vocabulary and to train.

Maintain work ethics

The continuous pursuit of language development

Whether it is your mother tongue or the other language that you have to translate from and to, you must constantly strive to improve your skills and write many words and synonyms to build a good linguistic repertoire and also sound linguistic structures, if you want to work for a certified legal office.

Learning from mistakes and striving not to make them again

To learn properly, a theoretical study is not enough, you have to apply it in practice, and during this application, it is likely that you will make many mistakes. These mistakes are what make you learn correctly. So you have to keep these mistakes in mind and work on them

being patience

You must be patient and review the legal texts you translate more than once. Why? Because this would reduce the error rate as much as possible, thus preserving the accuracy of the translated content, because as we mentioned previously, legal translation needs high accuracy, and this is because if there was an error in the translation


In summary of the above, we first talked about the importance of translation in general and legal translation in general,
secondly about the definition of certified legal translation,
thirdly the types of services provided by a certified translation,
fourthly why do you need a certified translation office,
fifthly about how to become a legal translator at a translation office It is approved,
and in the end, we hope that this article has benefited you.


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