Important Factors in WEBSITE TRANSLATION which helps you in your business?

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Important Factors in WEBSITE TRANSLATION which helps you in your business?

What is website translation? What is the purpose of website translation? Who would want this service, or for whom should we do it? The answer to these questions is simple. You go for website translation when you want to localize your website.

If you are a business with an online presence, then the best thing is to make your website localized. What localization means is to convert or translate the material and data of your website into the local language of your target market. Translation companies in Dubai are experienced and have hands-on practice of website translation.

Active Translation Services:

Active Translation Service is a translation company in Dubai. It is the number one certified translation service in Dubai, having trained and well-versed translators. What makes us most reliable in translation is our final version of the translated document because we always cross-check with another certified translator. It means that any mistakes or unclear points are clarified, and the record is officially acceptable.

Our services include:

  • Legal translation
  • Legal French translation
  • Website translation
  • Wills translation
  • Certificate translation
  • Technical translation
  • CV translation

Active translation company translates several documents. Some of them are;

  • Birth and death certificates.
  • Business agreements
  • Driving license
  • Articles and Memorandum
  • Conference interpretation and translation

Factors of Website Translation:

Website translation is a process of translating the data of a website in the native language of the country the website will operate in. For this entire procedure, there are a few requirements. The requirements are to make the material on the website user-friendly. One should provide the data in such a way that the visitor of the website instantly indulges. The legal translation office in Dubai ensures that the translations are as easy as possible. It is necessary to create engaging content no matter the language.

Website Translation in Dubai is essential because it makes your website more appealing and reaches many foreign-language speakers. Suppose you are willing to invest more money and time to translate the content of your website into another language. In that case, it will be beneficial for you, as your website will reach out to millions of potential customers.

The factors that should be emphasized upon while translating are:

  • Proper Language Structure:

While availing of the translation service in Dubai, proper language structure is essential. The foreign visitors or viewers of your website will take more interest in reading the content of your website if the language of the content is clear and accurate. Therefore, while translating a website, always use an original and relevant language structure.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

If you want your website to reach out to more viewers, then make sure that your website ranks on search engines, like Google search engine, etc. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most critical factors in website translation service, as it helps attract more viewers. When the website appears in the search engine, it is convenient for the audience to get to your website quickly.

  • The Translation of the Website in Multiple Languages:

While translating the website, a significant factor that one should consider is how many languages you should translate the website in? Therefore, website translators should translate a good website in multiple languages because the audience could be anyone belonging to any language, so it gets translated in various languages, making it helpful for diverse audiences. Translators perform Legal website translation services in Dubai in multiple languages depending on the locality or target market.

  • Translation of Essential Points or Parts:

While translating a website, one should keep it in mind while the entire content needs translation or only the essential points. Usually, if you target a specific nation, it is advised to translate the whole website. Therefore, the website translation should be done according to the preference of the potential visitors or viewers, as it helps to develop interest among the viewers while reading the website’s content. The most reliable service providers at Active Translation Services undertake the website Translation in Dubai.

  • Using Appropriate Terminologies, Tone, and Style:

Website translators use appropriate and proper terminologies, tone and style is an essential factor for website translation too. When you use the appropriate terminology and all the different kinds for website translation, it makes the visitors read the entire content and develops interest among them, which is highly beneficial for any business, service, or brand.

How is Website Translation Helpful for your Business?

One cannot deny the importance of website translation for a business. It has many advantages for a company, and some of them can get summed up as:

  • Website translation ensures that a massive number of people see your brand, product, or service.
  • Website translation services in Dubai can also be highly effective in raising the sales and revenue of a business and increasing the customer base.
  • It also ensures that your business creates a professional image on a worldwide business scale.
  • Getting your website translated creates an impact on the audience that they matter, and because of their convenience, the business has translated their website.
  • Website translation helps in improving the SEO results of the website of your business.
  • It also helps in beating your business’s competitors, as it reaches out to a larger audience
  • Translation of website helps in building trust and credibility of your business among the audience.
  • Website translation holds multiple benefits for your business.


The are many website translation companies in Dubai, but the best and well-known company, Active Translation Service, provides certified and professional translation services in Dubai. Active Translation Service offers several efficient translation services, and they deliver quality services on the given time and as per the convenience of the clients. Our trained translators are incredibly hard-working and skilled. If you need a reliable and certified website translator company, your search ends here. Active Translation Service is now near you. So, contact us and book an appointment with us and get the best website translation services.


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