Why is Will Translation so Important in Dubai?

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Why is Will Translation so Important in Dubai?

If you want to protect your family after you have passed on, you need to write your will that cover your properties and assets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in the UAE. Active Legal Translation Services is the translation company in Dubai that can meet your needs. We offer Typing of Wills in Arabic, English, French and Russian languages or bilingual done by our highly professional experts.

Active Translation experts will make the process of typing your Will in the UAE smoother and glitch-free. We consider that it should be compliant with UAE law for non-Muslims and with Shariah law for Muslims. Our experienced, hardworking, dedicated team is ready to write it for you with accuracy, confidentiality, and proficiency.

But the question that arises is explicit, why is a translation of will documents so important, especially in Dubai?

There are a variety of reasons which occur during the will translation of your documents in Dubai. We shall discuss many reasons why Legal translation or Will translation is essential in Dubai.

  1. Firstly, you need to get a written will if you don’t have one already.

Many people think that the requirement of Will is not essential. According to UAE’s law of inheritance, their assets will be given to their family or children after a person’s death. However, this is not always the case. You see, the thing about Will is that it works as a kind of assurance that your family and your children will be dealt with according to your exact wishes. You will not have to worry about having your assets go to someone else if you have a strong will attested already. This is why you must have a written will that indicates everything you want to give to your family and your children.

  1. Afterward, you need your will translated if you have assets and investments in places other than Dubai.

This is a thing that you need to look out for significantly. If you have assets, properties, or even investments in other countries and cities than Dubai, you need to have your will translated and set for that particular place. It is no wonder that laws frequently change in countries, especially in nations around Dubai and in Dubai as well. It is crucial to have your will translated there.

  1. Controlling how your wealth will be distributed.

Through the power of Will, you can easily control how much of your wealth will get distributed to each member of your family, especially if you are in-depth with anyone. This will give you a clear indication of how amazing the processes of Wills are as everything works out on itself. Now let us suppose you are someone that only speaks Arabic and have family members that live in places other than Dubai. You will see that having your will translated, according to that place where your family members live, will save your family a lot of time and money. Your family will be thanking you for making their lives a lot easier! As translation of documents is an arduous and time-consuming process.

  1. How much benefit will the appointed person get from your will

As stated before, this point closes in on the same aspect as the dispersion of wealth in a household. You see, you have a certain amount of assets and investments penned down under your name, and you want to give them to each of your family members, especially your children if, let’s say something happens to you. You want to give each member a personalized benefit that will help them throughout their life, but the document is written in only a single language. They will have a difficult time going through all of the processes of the Will documents if the language is not acquitted within the asset system.

  1. Will opens up into a variety of assets.

Your final Will form will be containing several different things, like properties, money, investments, business, etc., that you have saved up for a long time. Many details undergo through the process of Wills, like Legal guidelines, qualities of insurance companies’ policies, and proper distribution of your wealth to members of your family. Many of the translators will focus on the important aspects of the Will details that will be able to separate each other. You see elements of every word matter, especially in some things like Wills. A good interpreter will translate your will to the way you want it to be so that your family does not end up facing any difficulties in the future.

Do you want to have your will Translated in Dubai but have trouble finding the most fitted company for you?

Active Legal Translation Services has been in the translating legal documents industry in Dubai for over a decade. We have received many compliments and applause from almost all of our customers. When we sit down and make a promise to you to deliver the kind of work you want, we will forever live up to that promise until it is completed.

We have a variety of passionate translators that will have your legal documents translated in a short period, so you can no longer worry about any of your translation processes. All of our translators will cooperate significantly with you and your lawyers or any other person throughout the entire translation process so that no detail is left. We aim to make your Will translation in Dubai a more straightforward approach, not a hard one.

We at Active Translation Services understand that your time is valuable.

We do not like to waste any of your valuable time or money. This is the reason why we contain one of the best translators in our company. They will translate all of the guidelines you desire according to the language you want, without having you face any difficulties in Dubai. We especially pride ourselves in making Will Translation in Dubai an easy task for many of our customers. We offer a variety of services through specially trained and professional translators so that you never have to worry about anything.


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