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We will choose the best translators for your request. We provide Dubai Deira legal translation at very competitive rates. Our translation company in Dubai offers translation documentation (notarized translation). We translate articles of association, translation of incorporation documents, and other company documents, in addition to other documents and materials.

We not only claim (like almost all other translation agencies) that we are the best, but we prove it (by discovering errors and defects in the translations made by other translation agencies.

The Active Translations Agency is formed by highly qualified, experienced translators with international recognition who have much higher education and specialize in translation in Dubai.

Several criteria determine the attractiveness of a translation agency to a client (of course, any translation agency would better claim to have both of these parameters):

1) Quality of translation (translation conveys the exact meaning of the source text and the requirements of the language in which it is fully translated).

2) price.

3) deadlines.

4) convenience of working with the office.

5) energy of the translation agency, translator, and translation. We are confident that in all these parameters, we occupy leading positions in the world.

Do you work with a “reputable” translation agency? Send us samples of translations, and we’ll show you the real situation, whether you’ve been scammed or are already working with professionals. After all, anyone can declare themselves a professional on the site. Dear Potential Clients, do not fall into the trap of the proliferation of incompetent offices in such a specific field that requires special knowledge and skills such as a legal translator.

When we collaborated as translators with other translation agencies, we often encountered a situation when the translation office entrusted us with translating the test to a potential client. After we won the tender, we outsourced the translation to cheap translators. Do not be fooled.

We offer a unique option in the translation market: you send us a translation that has been made by anyone, but not us, we analyze that translation, we find errors and defects in it (if any), and we show you these errors and defects. We don’t want to fool anyone, send us a translation, and you will see everything for yourself.

Many translation offices are run by non-translators (or non-translation specialists). Of course, monitoring the quality of translations in such bureaus will inevitably be worse than that of a bureau set up and run by internationally recognized professional translators. After all, if a person doesn’t understand the language and a particular area, he will not understand the claims made to quality, and he will not be able to find the best translator. Ask any translation agency you plan to order work for legal translation services for information about its managers and quality controllers and compare with ours.

Sometimes an incorrect translation will not have serious consequences. At the same time, in some cases, an incorrect translation can cause severe damage. For example, the incorrect website translation can lead to loss of customers, revenue, profits. It is severe. Accordingly, the correct translation of a website can play a significant role in getting the customer to choose you as their supplier. Or, an incorrect translation of the contract could take away the advantage in litigation.

A professional in-demand legal translator will not work on the staff of a translation agency. There are very few such translators in the world!

Our translation agency has such a procedure for selecting translators, which is extremely difficult to go through. Following our bureau’s mission, we should not offer our customers a translation without being fully confident that the translation will be performed at the highest level. After all, perhaps someone else (not us) does this job much better. Why are we going to lure the client to ourselves when it’s better for him to do it somewhere else? That is why we do not offer translation services in all languages yet.

Translating legal documents is a big task for a translator because there so many points to remember while translating a highly confidential legal document?

Legal documents carry a highly confidential context, which should be secured at every level. With security concerns, legal documents have their specific language containing standard terms, phrases, etc. A highly professional and experienced translator can handle or translate these materials.

A company providing legal translation services will be the best option to go with. These professional companies hire professionals from the same industry with relevant experience to translate the document with a high accuracy level.

Reason to choose a company which provides professional translation services:

  1. Experienced legal translators
  2. Accuracy assurance
  3. Work with strict deadlines

The best route to take is to employ a translation company in Dubai that can handle legal translation services. Contact us now!



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