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In today’s advancing age, financial security with a good reputation is the key to success. Dubai is the hub of business activities; people from different countries come here and establish their business. When people from various regions and countries speaking different languages settle down in a new area, they face many challenges and language barriers. Active Translation Services are doing their best to welcome all business communities by providing legal translation services in Dubai to more than 500 business companies to solve their linguistics issues.

A Certified Translation Company

The most challenging problem to settle in a different city is communication. If you are in Dubai, you can trust Active Translation Services Dubai, top-notch legal translation services. They know all the technical details and sensitivity of legal documents because they have French Translation Certified from the UAE Ministry of Justice. No one can compare the expertise of the Active translation services in Dubai as it reaches the legal system regionally and has nationwide knowledge for any company’s needs.

Experienced and Professional Staff

Active legal translation service gives high competition to others by having a vast experience and professional staff. It provides excellent value for your time and money. Legal translation services will help the new and established businesses reach their full potential as they are fully aware of legal issues’ sensitivity and secrecy. At Active Translation Service, our French Translation Dubai projects will always meet the highest quality and accuracy standards.

Our Services Include

  • French Document Translation
  • French Simultaneous Interpretation
  • French Linguistic Validation
  • French Transcription
  • French Typesetting and Graphics
  • French Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • French Staffing Solutions
  • French Multicultural Marketing
  • French Document Management
  • French Deposition Services
  • French E-Learning Support
  • French Legal Translation

Legal Translation

We have a reliable network of French legal translators trained in ‘legalese’ and practice-area specific terminology. Our experienced French translators work with all types of patent applications, merger and acquisition agreements, trademarks and copyrights contracts, wills and trusts, leases, to name a few.

License and Interpretation Services

Active translation will keep all your documental and personal information confidential.

Active translation company in Dubai has the largest team of almost 140 expert professional dealings with more than 150 languages, which are best in their native languages and know all the little document reading details with minimum revisions. This company deals with professional translations, License translation, and interpretation services. These interpretational services are also provided by active translation services in Dubai to help in the business’s growth.

French Financial Translation 

Active Translation Services ensures that its financial services clients receive superior-quality French translation. They have a French financial translators team and project managers who have prior training and experience in the French financial services market. They also offer a wide range of French translation-related business services for financial clients.

French Retail Translations

Our services enable the world’s top companies to reach out to multicultural audiences worldwide. We have a team of French translators who have trained explicitly in French retail subject matter and terminology.

French Advertising and Marketing Translations

We offer diverse and comprehensive solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our translation services in Dubai include French multicultural marketing, French document translation, French typesetting and graphics, French interpretation, French website localization, to name a few.


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