Why Active Translation Services is the best company for Arabic Translation in Dubai?

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Arabic translation in Dubai

Are you looking for a reliable document translation service in Dubai? If so, then you are in the right place.  Active Translation services ensure that only humans perform translations, not machines. Document security is one of our top priorities. All the projects we handle remain confidential.  Unlike other unprofessional translators, we don’t use machines to translate your documents. It is only human translators who are given the mandate to carry out translators. And as you already know, human translation has been proven to be more accurate than machine translation.

Quality Arabic translations

Is Arabic translation in Dubai essential in the work you do? If so, Active Translation services should be your number one choice. We have specialized in Arabic translations and will ensure that all your documents are translated accurately and within the required time.   In the translation industry, there may be serious consequences for not working with the right guys. For instance, you may face challenges with;

  • Translators who can’t be found on phone when you need clarifications
  • Translators who fail to submit the documents on the time you agreed
  • Translators who perform poor translations using machines
  • Translators who don’t research complex words before performing the translation among others

Active Translation is different in so many ways. We are always available when you need to know the progress of your project.  Since we use human translators, all your documents will be 100% accurate, and we research the meaning of every word and how it means in the target language before translating.

Top-quality translations for every industry

  • If you want to start a consultancy firm in Dubai, we will ensure that your decks are clearly written, edited and formatted to be customer-ready
  • For law firms, we will ensure that your legal documents are clearly translated and bring out the same meaning in the target language.
  • NGO’s will also benefit from our translations by ensuring that the translated materials have the same meaning in the target community.

Why hire us? We answer this with 5 best reasons

Large projects fast turnaround

We have a team of hardworking, experienced, and dedicated translators who will ensure that all your large projects are handled on time.

Arabic translation specialists

Unlike other companies, we don’t perform translations in multiple languages. Our company has specialized in offering Arabic translations and this contributes to a high level of accuracy.

Customer satisfaction

We guarantee our clients 100% satisfaction. We know that you will be happy with our services, and we also offer a 30 days period of free revisions.


All the documents we translate remain confidential. No third party can access your documents. If you have extremely sensitive documents, we will use encrypted email for the utmost confidentiality.

Beyond translation

We are experts in Arabic translation and can add value to your organization by offering accurate and timely translations.  We are reachable at any time you need us and above all, all these services are offered at competitive prices.


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